In order to expand its outreach to classroom students learning English as a foreign language (the ultimate beneficiaries of MEXTESOL’s mission), MEXTESOL organizes an annual national Spelling Bee, in conjunction with Merriam-Webster.

The MEXTESOL National Spelling Bee promotes spelling and vocabulary study for learners studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in primary and secondary schools in Mexico.

There will be two separate spelling bees on the same day: one for primary children (5th and 6th grades) and one for secondary school students (first and second year). There will be a maximum of 50 students in each contest.

Annual MEXTESOL National Spelling Bee Timeline:

(approximate dates and months, depending on each calendar year)


  1. October/November. MEXTESOL International Convention. Information about the following year’s Spellng Bee is announced.
  2. One week after the Convention: The information and documents are posted on the MEXTESOL website for the following year.
  3. November 15.  School applications for both contests will begin to be received. If you do not receive an email confirming the reception of the application, please resend the application until you receive confirmation.
  4. December 15. The status of school applications up to this date will be sent to the individual schools.
  5. January 15. Deadline for receiving school application forms. (However, it is recommended that interested schools submit their applications as soon as possible).
  6. January 17.  Participating schools will be informed of the maximum number of participants each school may send to the Spelling Bee in Mexico City.
  7. March 1. Deadline for receiving the original completed student applications from eligible schools and the original school application form.
  8. March 15. The final list of participating schools and students is drawn up.
  9. One week before the Spelling Bee.   Deadline for receiving each participating school’s list of guests attending the Spelling Bee in Mexico City. (Two guests per participant.)
  10. A Saturday in April. The MEXTESOL National Spelling Bee will be held in Mexico City.